What is Eastern Power Boat Club? Do you rent boats?

Eastern Power Boat Club is a non-profit, volunteer run organization organized in 1905 with a mission of promoting power boating by providing suitable moorings (wet slips and land storage), a clubhouse, and social activities for our members. Our members are expected to maintain their personal boats in operating condition and contribute to operations and maintenance on a cooperative basis (which helps us to keep our dues and mooring costs as low as possible).

An aerial view of the Anacostia River in 1933 showing off the brand new golf course at Anacostia Park.

Eastern Power Boat Club is pictured on the right shore with large fuel oil storage tanks looming behind.

Why apply to join Eastern?

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to help run a marina, enjoy physical and social activities, and like saving a LOT of money on slip fees, Eastern might be a good fit for you.

We are looking for prospective members that are willing and able to contribute their labor, time, and skills on a cooperative basis for the good of the club.

The public land Eastern occupies has largely remained the same since it was reclaimed from the Anacostia river in the early 1920’s by the Army Corp of Engineers. In 1922 our members filled the then tidal land, raising it an additional two feet, constructed the railway, and floated our 1912 clubhouse back across the river to the location it remains today. Other than the addition of our floating dock in the late 1990’s, the club configuration has remained much the same over the last 100 years. We have beautiful vistas facing Anacostia Park and are bordered by a natural tree filled landscape. If you like peace and quiet, we are a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of the busier, more developed parts of the city.

Sunset view from our floating dock in fall of 2022

What is Eastern looking for with prospective members?

Things we look for in prospective members include:

  • Ability and willingness to get along with our members, follow club rules, and a general desire to contribute to the long term sustainability of the club
  • Steady employment
  • Boating experience and seamanship
  • The size, type, and condition of boat do you own, and how long have you owned it
  • For prospective Regular Members (with wet slips):
    • If you are new to boating, do you have a plan for how to maintain your boat? Do you possess the knowledge, financial ability, time and energy it takes to properly maintain a boat?
    • Where do you live? DC residents are highly preferred
    • Are you just looking for a floating condo on the water, or are you an active boater?

What amenities do you have?

We are not a fancy yacht club, but we do our best to provide basic amenities including:

  • Trailerable boat storage on land
  • Wet boat slips ranging from 16 – 50 feet with seasonal water and metered 30 and 50AMP power
  • Fresh ice (available seasonally at no cost from our commercial ice machine)
  • WIFI throughout the property
  • Access to our Historic Clubhouse with a bathroom, kitchen for events, and storage lockers upstairs
  • Ample parking (subject to guest limits)
  • Use of our historic Marine Railway which can accommodate boats up to 40 feet (tide dependent)
  • A fun, family oriented community that is considerate, kind, and willing to help you be successful as a boater!