What kind of memberships do you offer?

Our three memberships types are:

  • Social Membership:
    • Provides access to the club grounds, clubhouse, and ability to launch non-motorized boats from our docks
    • Restricted to two guests
    • No meeting or worktime commitment, no office or voting privileges
  • Associate Membership:
    • Provides access to the club grounds, clubhouse, and the ability to store a boat on trailer (up to 24 feet)
    • Weekend and holiday mooring in water on a space available basis as appointed by the club measurer
    • Ability to bring up to 10 guests to the club
    • No meeting or worktime commitment, no office or voting privileges
  • Regular Membership:
    • Provides access to the club grounds, clubhouse, voting rights, holding office, and the privilege to moor a vessel in a wet slip
    • Requires attendance of monthly member meetings
    • Requires performing work for “the good of the club” or paying worktime

What commitments and rules are required from your members?

In general we are a laid back bunch, but these are some of our basic requirements (and things that can get you kicked out of the club):

  • Member Requirements:
    • Willing to follow club bylaws, DC and Federal Laws, and recognize the majority vote of the club
    • Pay your dues on time (within 30 days of invoice)
    • Have the time, skills, funds, and motivation to both maintain your boat and positively contribute to the club
    • No live-aboards period (as prohibited by both club rules and the District of Columbia)
    • No commercial activity of any kind (if money is being exchanged it is not allowed)
      • No charters (which are strictly enforced by both the USGC and DC Harbor Police)
    • No storage of non-boating related items of any kind
  • Boat Requirements:
    • Must be owned by a member
    • Must maintain $300k in liability insurance coverage
    • Possess current DC registration
    • Must be maintained in a safe (USCG compliant), neat, and tidy manner
    • Must be kept operational (in a running state)

How much does it cost?

We keep our fees as low as possible to help keep boating accessible for our members. We achieve this by handing all of our administrative functions and most of our facilities maintenance in house. The expectation is that every member will contribute their skills and labor for the good of the club

Our schedule of fees contains all the details (and can be provided with an application), but below are some highlights:

Application Fees:

  • Member $1400.00
  • Associate Member $400.00
  • Social Member $100.00

Monthly Dues:

  • Regular Member $100.00 per month
  • Associate Member $125.00 per month
  • Social Member $50.00 per month

Slip Fees:

  • Member $50.00 per month
  • Transient $12.00 per foot, per month

Land Storage Fees: (boats and trailers only)

  • Regular and Associate Members $50 per month

Work Time Fees: (Regular Members only)

  • If 3 hours of approved work time is not performed, a $90.00 per month fee is assessed

How do I apply for membership?

Becoming a member of Eastern Power Boat Club requires:

  • Submitting an application with the appropriate initiation fee
  • Obtaining two sponsors
  • A two thirds majority member vote
  • Additionally a Regular Membership requires:
    • At least two readings (introduction and Q&A session) at monthly membership meetings

Given our relatively small size, self governance, and risk aversion, we highly recommend getting to know as many members as possible prior to a membership vote. Taking the application process slow helps to build consensus on how a prospective member can positively contribute to our small cooperative.