A tranquil oasis in the heart of the nation’s capital

We were founded in Washington DC in 1905 along the banks of the Anacostia river and are conveniently located a short distance from Capitol Hill. We reside within a community of boating organizations called Boat House Row and are a proud member of the Potomac River Yacht Club Association.

EPBC is a private social club for boating enthusiasts. Not only for owners who need mooring or a place to store a trailered boat, but also for Social Members who like being part of the club and attending events. The club hosts several events throughout the year.

Full memberships are available to boat owners who require dockage. Additionally, associate memberships are available for owners with trailered boats, as well as social memberships for those interested in club events.

Our leadership team

Captain Alan


Captain Zane

Vice Commodore

Captain Zane is a long time DMV resident who enjoys boating with his family and serving the local community.

Captain Brent

Chief Buccaneer

Captain Brent, a shadowy figure with eyes as deep as the abyss, haunted the District waters during the golden age of piracy. Legend says, on a full moon night, his privateer emerges from its watery grave to settle long forgotten scores.

Thinking about joining us?

Learn about what it takes to become a member, or drop us a line, say hi.